About Us

Adrienne Lee has been working her way from apprentice to farmer in Maine over the past six years. Coming home to Maine after studying Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture at the University of California at Santa Cruz she apprenticed and worked on farms across Maine before starting New Beat Farm with Ken in 2008.  She aspires to build as close as she can to a self-sustaining agroecosystem which produces not only healthy and nutrient rich crops,  but healthy soils and a vibrant farm ecosystem. When Adrienne doesn’t have her hands in the dirt she enjoys dancing, biking, x-country skiing , and hiking through the mountains of New England.

Ken Lamson grew up milking cows, stacking hay and running wild on several Maine dairy farms. After college and ten years “away”, he returned to Maine and met Adrienne who introduced him to vegetable farming. After an apprenticeship at a horse-powered veggie farm he knew horses had to be a part of his future. Ken is currently in MOFGA’s Journey person program and their Low Impact Forestry collective. Ken is a music lover, cross-country skiing fanatic, and loves to cook good food!